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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Amazon Echo's Music Streaming Service

Amazon Echo's Music Streaming Service

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There have been talks that Amazon wants to release a stand-alone music streaming service, but it's their Amazon Echo owners that may benefit the most. 

It appears that their original idea of releasing their own music service will still stick, but now they want to expand that idea with an additional tier:

  • $5 per month ad-free streaming option for Echo users only 
  • $10 per month ad-free streaming option for any device

These two tiers would expand on Amazon's own Prime music and make getting an annual Prime membership worthwhile.

Their current streaming service could also use the catalog boost.

How Would It Benefit Echo Users? 

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If Amazon can snag deals with major music labels, then their new service would not only be cheaper than other competitors (Apple Music, Spotify), but it would breathe new life into the Echo. 

Amazon Echo products have been doing well, but they need that marketing push that a powerful streaming service could provide.

This would benefit users because they'd have all the smarts of the Echo hardware and a cost-efficient music-streaming service to boot. 

Would It Challenge Competitors?

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Again this would all depend on who Amazon can get on board, but consumers have been waiting for less expensive music offerings for years now. 

Amazon's Prime ecosystem already gives members far more bang for their buck than any other service.

If members and Echo users only had to pay an extra $5 per month to get what competitors like Spotify offer, then it would move Prime forward. 

For now we'll have to wait and see what happens, but you can attest that it does make buying the Amazon Echo a little bit sweeter. 

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